Drouin Pays d'ague Reserve 40° cl70


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Drouin Pays D'Auge Reserve
Drouin France

70 cl / 40 °
Typology: Calvados
Raw material: Apples
Fermentation: Indigenous yeasts
Method of production: Charentais Alembic
Box: Yes

Why it is different:
We could call Drouin Pays D'auge the grand cru of the Calvados appellation, with very strict rules. The Réserve is made like all Drouin calvados: harvesting of the 30 apple
varieties and reaching maturity, champagne-style soft pressing with yields reduced to 65% to preserve the fragrance and freshness of the juice, spontaneous fermentation
with indigenous yeasts. The ciders for distillation are the youngest ones, which remain in stainless steel vats for several months, at least 5. They are fresh and fruity
fermented, not overly complex, and ideal for the production of distillates for short ageing. Distillation takes place in the traditional copper Charentais still, ageing in French
oak barrels for 4 years.

How to drink it:
To be enjoyed neat in a tulip glass. Excellent when paired with chocolate desserts or a classic apple and pear cake.

Fermentation is a key process in the production of all Christian Drouin spirits: it all happens naturally with the distillery's indigenous yeasts. The freshly pressed juice
reaches the stainless steel vats, where it ferments and rests for at least 5 months, but in some cases up to 1 year. Based on the fermentation time, it is already clear what
type of calvados can be obtained. Those obtained from young ciders will be ideal for the distillation of younger, fresh and fruity calvados. The more mature and evolved ciders
are distilled from June onwards, but in some cases also in the autumn following the harvest, resulting in very complex and rich distillates, ideal for long ageing, particularly
for vintage wines.
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