Honey fir PLATTNER 500g


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Fir honey 500g
Honey shimmering mocha to black in colour, sometimes dark green. Strong, even spicy-malty taste. With fir honey, the bees collect sweet honeydew from forest insects.

Fir honey is made from honeydew secreted by various forest insects. It has a strong, spicy-malty taste and smells of coniferous wood and forest. The fir honey is less sweet
compared to others and relatively liquid. Plattner Bienenhof fir honey is used on bread, is suitable in the kitchen for strong dishes due to its strong flavour and is enjoyed in
tea as a household remedy for respiratory infections, among other things.

Freshly harvested honey is liquid, but can crystallise over time. This process is completely natural and the crystallised honey can be liquefied again in a warm water bath
(up to 40° C).

Honey is not suitable for children or babies under 12 months.

Country of origin: Transylvania (RO)
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