Marzemino DOC sup. Maso Romani 2020 750ml


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Maso Romani Marzemino 2020
Trentino Superiore DOC

The name derives from Attilio Romani, who in the 19th century bought the maso and vineyards from Odoardo Seeber. IlMaso, owned by the Romani Foundation, is
managed directly by CAVIT, which has been producing this historic cru for over twenty years. Since 2003, the vineyard has been the subject of a long phase of study with
the aim of proposing, evaluating and enhancing all the possible wine productions of Marzemino known today, safeguarding the productive complexity and biodiversity
resulting from the conservation of one of its historic vineyards. The result of this intense work was the creation of the new vineyard at Maso Romani in spring 2008.

Production area: Maso Romani is located in Vallagarina in the renowned Marzemino dei Ziresi production area, in the municipality of Volano; the vineyard of about six
hectares is a single property surrounded by ancient walls, which delimit its perimeter. The characteristics of the Maso Romani cultivation environment have been carefully
described in the zoning study carried out by the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'Adige. The soil was formed from fairly ancient alluvium, often terraced and colluviated.
The soil is fairly deep, with little skeleton and a loamy-clayey texture. The climate is temperate continental, with cold, dry winters and relatively cool, rainy summers. The
area has been divided into two parts: one dedicated to the 'historical vineyard' and the other to the experimental-demonstration vineyard. In the historic vineyard, the rooted
cuttings obtained from the buds of the best vines selected in the existing vineyard by F.E.M. (Edmund Mach Foundation) researchers were planted. In the experimental-
demonstrative vineyard all possible clones and biotypes of Marzemino available in Italy were compared, in different combinations with the main cultivated rootstocks.

Grape varieties: exclusively Marzemino with very limited production per hectare. The training system is the unilateral Guyot with 5,050 vines per hectare.

Vinification and refinement: After careful manual harvesting of the grapes in October, the must was fermented with its skins in stainless steel tanks at temperatures never
exceeding 26 °C. Maceration in contact with the skins during alcoholic fermentation lasted 8 days. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine remained in stainless steel for
about a year and after bottling was aged for 6 months in the bottle.

Analytical data: -Alcohol: 13.00% vol. -Total acidity: 5.25 g/l -Secret extract: 32.0 g/l -Residual sugars: dry

Organoleptic characteristics: dark ruby red, with violet nuances; on the nose it presents intense floral scents of violet and fruity notes of plum and red fruits, such as black
cherry. On the palate it is well-balanced, well-structured with a long, enveloping persistence of fruity and floral notes.
Pairings: Starters with cured meats, with pasta with game ragout and with white meat main courses, such as roast poultry and other typical Trentine dishes.
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