Brandy Garofoli 12 anni 70cl


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Brandy over 12 years

The base is a single-varietal wine from a single vintage, 2003. The Montepulciano grapes were selected, harvested and vinified specifically for this production. The raw
material was distilled using a discontinuous bain-marie still in water diffusion. The passage of years, the balanced use of small oak casks and the magic of the microclimate
make this Brandy an exceptional product.

Processing and refinement
The Brandy was distilled in 2003 from a wine specially vinified for this production. In 2004 the Brandy was aged in small, medium-toasted Allier oak barrels, previously used
to age Chardonnay wine. The Brandy remains in these barrels until 2012 when it is bottled and then left to rest in the bottle for a further 3 years. Finally, after 12 years from
the grape harvest, our Brandy is ready to be tasted.

Colour: pale amber.
Nose: elegant woody floral notes, with hints of vanilla, sweet spices and dried fruit.
Taste: warm and enveloping sip, it introduces a pleasant texture
that conquers with an 'aroma of refinement' and softness.
Alchol: 43% vol.
Serving temperature: 16° - 18° C
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