Storica d'uve acquavite di uva 42% 50cl


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Storica Uve 50 cl

The care taken in distilling the best grapes makes this distillate incomparable. And it cannot be missed on the most important occasions in the life of a connoisseur who
demands products with a fine, intense bouquet, a rounded flavour and a long persistence in the mouth.

The healthy, ripe grapes are first destemmed and then placed in stainless steel fermenters. Alcoholic fermentation is carefully monitored to promote the best conditions
because the product of this will fundamentally condition the aromatic charge of the distillate. Distillation is carried out in a discontinuous plant with eight copper stills, using
direct steam. It is carried out within a short time of the end of alcoholic fermentation to preserve the freshness of the aromatic composition. Maturation in stainless steel
tanks for a maximum of three to four months to maintain the fragrance of the aromas. The 'transformation' to the final alcohol content (42°) is done by dilution with water and
cold filtration, at a temperature that guarantees the preservation of the predominant fruity component.

Colourless, clear and crystalline spirit with a fragrant and delicate bouquet. Its aftertaste is harmonious and fine.

Typology: fruit brandy
Alcoholic degree: 42% vol.
Raw materials: grapes
Serving temperature: 18°C
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