Sunflower Honey PLATTNER 500g


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Sunflower honey 500g
Yellow sometimes also yellow-orange honey, smells mildly of wax, straw and apricots, mildly refreshing also in taste, is unmistakably obtained from the golden-yellow
sunflowers. Creamy.

Sunflower honey is extracted from the magnificent sunflower fields. It tastes and smells fine and mild and crystallises quickly, making it all the easier to spread. Our
sunflower honey is an excellent edible honey and is also often used to sweeten baked goods.

The freshly harvested honey is liquid, but can crystallise over time. This process is quite natural and the crystallised honey can be liquefied again in a warm water bath (up
to 40° C).

Honey is not suitable for children or babies under 12 months.

Country of origin: Italy
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