Honey sweet klover PLATTNER 500g


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Sweet clover honey 500g

Amber to brown honey, smells mild and typical of honey and is equally mild in taste. Obtained from the nectar of the sweet clover, a plant that is not very demanding in
terms of soil and climate.

Sweet clover honey is obtained from the nectar of sweet clover, which also thrives in poor soils and dry conditions. Its colour is brown, it readily crystallises and tastes and
smells mildly sweet of honey, flowers or dates. Sweet clover honey is often used to make sweet Italian 'torrone'. Our sweet clover honey is a great edible honey and goes
well with a variety of dishes/occasions.

The freshly harvested honey is liquid but can crystallise over time. This process is completely natural and the crystallised honey can be liquefied again in a warm water bath
(up to 40° C).

Honey is not suitable for children or babies under 12 months.

Country of origin: Italy
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