Wild Boar goulash K.BERNARDI 500gr


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Game can be so tender!

South Tyrolean wild boar goulash from K.BERNARDI.

A special kind of taste experience. South Tyrolean wild boar goulash from the noble parts of the wild boar and with high-quality,
and seasoned with high-quality, natural ingredients. 'With a bit of pride we can say that we are absolutely thrilled with the unique combination of compactness and the fine
grain of the meat.' Karl Bernardi
Through the 'hot' searing and the subsequent gentle braising process in the finest soya and sunflower oil, we manage to achieve an incomparable juiciness of the meat.
Harmonious roasted aromas, the finest natural bay leaf and juniper nuances and all the power of our Italian tomatoes make the K.BERNARDI wild boar dish a real delicacy
for all game lovers. Prepared by our chefs according to traditional family recipes, we consistently refrain from using any flavour enhancers or artificial aromas, just as we did
over 100 years ago. We owe the success of our now world-famous canned editions to this conviction and our high demands on the quality of our meat.

The pure flavour of our homeland, carefully packaged and treated.

Even the empty can is state of the art, such as the enamelled inner coating, the practical tear-off lid, etc.

The target group of our consumers has expanded to include almost all age groups these days. Our cans are especially interesting for students, singles, seniors and also
housewives with family - according to the latest trend also for parties and celebrations. The product is very easy to handle and ready to serve after a short heating.

Wild boar meat 55 %, meat stock (water, beef, double concentrated tomato paste, roasted onion, potato starch, WHEAT FLOUR, soya and sunflower oil, salt, spices,
natural flavours). No additives, no lactose.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Calorific value 129 kcal / 538 kJ
Fat 83,7 g
of which healthy fatty acids 2.9 g
Carbohydrates 1,7 g
thereof sugar 0,5 g
Protein 11 g
Salt 0.98 g
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