Madeira Full Rich H&H 750ml


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TYPOLOGY: Sweet Fortified Red Wine
VINE: Tinta Negra Mole
VINIFICATION: Wines that go into 'Canteiro' are aged in barrels, usually on the upper floors of the cellars, where the temperature is higher, for a period of two years. This
gives rise to a type of oxidative ageing in barrels. Canteiro' wines can only be marketed after a minimum of three years. Madeira is the only wine that is heated, to simulate
the effects of the old round trips from the Orient.After harvesting the wines are boosted to 17-20% with wine alcohol, and stored in 'estufas', tanks heated to 45°C for no less
than 3 months. They are then left to cool slowly at room temperature and left to rest for several years.
COLOUR: dark brown
AROMA: caramel nose
PAIRINGS: excellent as a wine to accompany desserts, biscuits, chocolate, coffee or on its own as a digestif
TASTE: bodied, very fruity, succulent, fragrant and very rich meditation wine
DESCRIPTION: The only Madeira producer with its own vineyards since 1850. The winery uses the latest technical innovations, but at the same time, maintains the family
traditions of over 200 years of producing the most elegant Madeira wines.
AGING: In 700-litre American oak barrels.
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