Chateau La Pointe Pomerol 2012 750ml


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Château LA POINTE 2012
General Information
Château La Pointe
Vintage: 2012
Production: 66 000 bottles
Merlot 85% - Cabernet Franc 15%
Alcohol content: 13.5°
Appellation: Pomerol. Area: Right Bank. Region: Bordeaux.
Vineyard and soil type: 23 hectares on small gravel and pebblesoils of the Isle's river terraces, clayey-gravel and sandy soilsover clay or gravel sub-soils.
Vinification and ageing: traditional Bordeaux methods.
Distribution: through the wine merchants of the Place deBordeaux.
Owner: SCE Château La Pointe.
General Manager: Eric Monneret. Vine and Wine Consultant: Hubert de Boüard de Laforest.
Member of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.
Weather conditions: a great year for Merlot, a great year for Pomerol.
This vintage was characterised by a cool and humid spring andearly summer followed by a warm, dry and very sunny secondhalf of the summer with significantly low rainfall
(120 mm belowthe thirty year average). This sequence of events was ideal forthe vine's development. As in 2010, flowering took place relatively early (late May). Colour
change occurred in early August and got off to a slowstart although the considerable difference between day andnight temperatures ensured good concentration
andpreservation of the aromas in the grape skins. The grapes ripened in good conditions, in particular the Merlots, ofremarkably high quality in 2012.
The harvests began in early October and took place in greatconditions as we picked slowly and serenely in the brightsunshine, finishing on the 14th October. Botrytis did
not affect the vines and we were able to pick each plot at its optimumripeness. The concentration in anthocyanins was outstanding,the grapes displayed complex and
intense fruity aromas (a littlemore than in 2011) with soft tannins and crunchy pips.
Tasting commentDeep, opaque and intense colour. The first visual impression ofthe wine is very dense overall.The palate reveals a smooth, velvety texture with
remarkablepersistence, a taut structure and good freshness on the finish.The oak is extremely well integrated and harmonious, evolvingtowards notes of black fruits and
violet.This vintage is characterised by its round, unctuous mid-palateand, on the finish, by those indulgent aromatic fruity notes ofthe style favoured at La Pointe. This well-
balanced vintage isalmost ready to be enjoyed although it can also be left to evolvein the cellar for another 15 years.

(March 2013, Primeurs tasting comments by Hubert de Boüardde Laforest)
When to taste ?
To drink or to keep? The 2012 vintage offers exceptional ageing potential.To be enjoyed from 4 to 15 years old and upwards. The aromatic freshness, balance and
smoothness of this Merlot-dominant Pomerol will suit lovers of young wines. In its earlyyears it offers floral notes, a tasty, juicy touch of red and blackberries and slightly
spicy, toasty notes.The ageing potential of this vintage will also suit connoisseurswho have the patience to wait for the Grands Crus de Bordeauxto develop more evolved
aromas of truffle, undergrowth, game, Russian leather and light tobacco.
To air, decant or just enjoy?
Airing: when the vintage is young (under 10 years old) it isrecommended to decant one hour before serving to ensure goodcontact with air. This oxygenation allows the wine
to 'open up',freeing the aromas and softening the tannins. Decanting: when the vintage is old (over 10 years) a naturaldeposit may form in the bottom of the bottle. The wine
loveroften asks for the wine to be poured delicately into the decanterso as to leave the deposit in the bottle. Decanting a very oldwine (over 20 years) can, however, be a
mistake as suddencontact with air may deteriorate a wine that has become fragilewith age.Just enjoying: another approach is to avoid the ritualizationaround tasting. You
simply choose a vintage, open the bottle,pour delicately and take your time in enjoying it, therebyallowing the wine to tell you its own story as it evolves in theglass over the
course of the evening.
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