Storica nera d'uve acquavite di uva 50%


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Storica nera 50 cl

Unquestionable excellence, the result of the mastery achieved by our technicians over more than a century of distillation.

Refined and elegant, for those who demand finesse of aroma and long persistence. For connoisseurs who know how to indulge in life's slow pleasures.

The alcoholic fermentation of the marc takes place in the must and then in the cellars, a process that guarantees a raw material rich in the best aromatic elements. The
marc is collected fresh from selected suppliers and is also stored for a few months, starting from the time of the first racking. Distillation is carried out in a discontinuous
plant with eight copper stills, using direct steam to produce a 'raw' grappa with an alcohol content of around 75 degrees. The 'transformation' to the final alcohol content
(50°) is done by dilution with water and cold filtration, at a temperature that guarantees the preservation of the aromatic component.

A crystal-clear grappa, it has a rich, fine aroma and rigorous scents. Soft taste. Harmonious in the aftertaste and characterised by a rounded and balanced bouquet.

Typology: young grappa
Alcoholic degree: 50% vol.
Raw materials: marc
Serving temperature: 18°C
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