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Picolit - 2007 - Livio Felluga  
Picolit - 2007 - Livio Felluga
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Picolit is Friuli's noblest wine, but its origins are still a matter for debate. It is only since 1750, thanks to the writings of Count Fabio Asquini, that we have any accurate documentation of this "nectar produced by the meagre berries of the bunch". The peculiarity of this odd, delicate vine is the partial fertilisation of its flowers. This means that only a few, very concentrated berries ripen in each bunch. A complex wine the colour of old gold, Picolit marries sweet and acidulous sensations, releasing a pervasive aroma of candid peel, vanilla and spring flowers. In the past, Picolit was the wine of Europe's nobility. Today, it is admired as a prestigious meditation wine. Awards: "Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2010" - Luca Maroni: "Best Sweet Wine of Italy" 97 points "Duemilavini 2010" - A.I.S.: "5 bunches" "I Vini di Veronelli 2010" - Luigi Veronelli: "3 stars super"

Variety: Picolit

Denomination: Colli Orientali del Friuli

Designated zone: D.O.C.G.

Area of production: Rosazzo

Soil type: Marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin

Grape: Picolit

Vine training system: Guyot

Harvest period: In several selections, beginning in late October

Harvest method: Manually in twice-weekly selections, according to ripeness

Vinification: The part-dried grape was carefully destemmed. Next, the fruit was soft crushed. The must obtained was then allowed to settle. The now-clarified must fermented at controlled temperatures in small casks of French oak, where it matured for about 18 months.

Ageing: After fermentation, the wine was left on the lees in the small oak casks for about 18 months. Bottling took place in June 2008. The bottled wine was aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars for at least 12 months.

Sensory characteristics: Appearance: intense golden yellow Nose: very elegant, complex, varietal aromas; hints of orange peel, apricot, fig, candied fruits; floral notes of citrus and acacia, hints of spice. Palate: complex, sweet, articulate, balanced acidity and sweetness. Persistent aftertaste with aromatic sensations in harmony with the nose.

Serving suggestions: A fine partner for full-flavoured, tangy and marbled cheeses. Outstanding with foie gras. Superb as a meditation wine, Picolit is a fine complement to biscuits an fruit-based sweets.

Serving temperature: 12 - 14 °C

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