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Parmesan cheese 400g MOUNTAIN QUALITY approx. 450gr  
Parmesan cheese 400g MOUNTAIN QUALITY approx. 450gr
11,50 EUR
incl. 4 % Tax excl.
25,56 EUR per kg.
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1) “Mountain product”, as for shepherd’s hut made cheese of the Alps, means that in the fields there are more variety of fodder and flowers that give milk greater nutritive values and organoleptic features, that we find in the unique taste of our Parmesan cheese. Moreover, the yields of fodder per hectare is higher than that of fodder of the plane, so less fodder but more quality.

2) Everything our cows eat, fodder, breed, barley, wheat, corn, is produced by single members of our Dairy. Only seldom and in very dry seasons we buy fodder, but always produced in Parmesan Cheese zone.

3) Reggio Emilia Apennine, in the River Secchia valley, is well-known by all Parmesan producers as the best area for its cheese quality. As the Langhirano valley for Parma ham, we have an ideal microclimate, with right annual temperature range. We can’t forget that milk is almost completely made up of water, so very important is the quality of water that cows drink: it directly flows from our mountains.

4) This point indicates that we have a “handcrafted” product, while “chemical” is the word which dominates the food sector today. We, Parmesan Cheese producers, show with pride the Dairyman value, who decides with his hands when and how to create the whole cheese and nobody opposes his judgement. We fortunately have as Dairyman Giuseppe Razzoli, prize-winning by Parmesan Cooperative with the gold medal for his Cheese excellence. He’s young, 42 years, and desires to better himself.

5) Since its first day of production, every whole Cheese is continued to be overseen, during its maturing process of two years and more. Weekly we clean and turn round the whole Cheese, which is controlled by means of hammer “beating”, practice as old as Parmesan Cheese, that selects the better whole Cheese from those with some defect. Selected whole Cheese is distributed to better customers, while the others are sold in the Dairy shop.

6) Organoleptic qualities of our Parmesan Cheese are: lightly straw-coloured paste, minutely granular, it flakes off into slivers; the fragrance and the taste are delicate and savoury but not spicy; it is highly digestible and on average fat. For these qualities we received many prizes “high quality” of Parmesan: Mountain Parmesan Cheese Palio 2002, Author Cheese Saint Vincent (Aosta) 2001, Mountain Cheese Olympics Les Rousses (France) 2003, "Grolla d'oro" Formaggi d'autore 2006, 2010 and many others.

7) Many chef, our customers, often remember us that, to make a filling or a dish with grated Parmesan Cheese, with our Parmesan the quantity used is lower (20%-30% less), because of the taste. They obtain the same result with less product.

8) Costumers won’t run into unpleasant commercial situations that bring to shortage of product: we have been produced since 1929 and we want to continue for other 70 years, so our costumers will have reserved and booked whole Cheese year after year. We warrant continuity during the time.

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